Concrete doesn't have to be grey: How to use tinted and waxed concrete to create a unique interior

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Concrete doesn't have to be grey: How to use tinted and waxed concrete to create a unique interior

When you think of concrete, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a dull, grey material used for construction purposes. However, concrete has evolved beyond its traditional uses and can now be a versatile and stylish choice for interior design. By using tinted and waxed concrete, you can create a unique and modern look that will elevate your space.

Tinted Concrete

Tinted concrete is achieved by adding pigments to the mixture before it is poured. This allows you to customize the color of the concrete to match your interior design scheme. Whether you prefer earthy tones, vibrant colors, or something in between, tinted concrete can be a great way to add personality and visual interest to your space.

Waxed Concrete

Waxed concrete, also known as polished concrete, is a technique that involves applying a layer of wax to the surface of the concrete. This not only enhances the color but also adds a subtle sheen and smooth texture. The wax protects the concrete from stains and makes it easier to clean, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Creating a Unique Interior

Now that you know about tinted and waxed concrete, let's explore some ways to incorporate them into your interior design:

  • Feature Walls: Use tinted concrete to create a statement wall in your living room or bedroom. The bold color and textured finish will instantly draw attention and become a focal point of the room.
  • Countertops: Tinted and waxed concrete countertops can add a modern and industrial touch to your kitchen or bathroom. The smooth surface and unique color will make your space stand out.
  • Flooring: Replace traditional flooring options with tinted and waxed concrete floors. They are not only durable and easy to maintain but also provide a sleek and contemporary look.
  • Furniture: Incorporate tinted concrete into your furniture pieces, such as coffee tables or side tables. The combination of concrete and other materials like wood or metal creates a striking contrast.

When using tinted and waxed concrete, it's important to work with professionals who have experience in handling and applying these materials. They can guide you through the process and ensure a high-quality finish.

Concrete doesn't have to be limited to its traditional grey color. By exploring the possibilities of tinted and waxed concrete, you can create a unique interior that reflects your personal style and sets your space apart from the rest.

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