Lecture Musicale: Paul Andreu's Écrire L'architecture at Cité de l'Architecture

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Lecture Musicale: Paul Andreu's Écrire L'architecture at Cité de l'Architecture

Discover Architectural Brilliance at Paul Andreu's Écrire L'architecture

Interior designers and architecture enthusiasts, mark your calendars for a transformative evening at the Paris Cité de l'Architecture on May 2nd. The event titled Lecture Musicale - Paul Andreu promises an inspiring blend of architecture, music, and insightful essays.

About the Event

The evening centers around a musical reading from the essay collection "Faire et Refaire," curated by Nadine Eghels. This collection features over fifty texts from the vast oeuvre left by the renowned architect Paul Andreu. Esteemed actor François Marthouret will give life to Andreu's words, accompanied by the melodious sounds of cello and vocals by Silvia Lenzi. This collaboration between spoken word and music highlights the intrinsic link between architecture and the arts, making it a perfect source of inspiration for home decor and contemporary interiors.

Why Interior Designers Should Attend

Paul Andreu's work is celebrated for its innovative approach to structure and space, principles that resonate deeply with modern interiors. His thoughtful explorations of form and light can inspire new ideas for home decor, particularly in how spaces can evoke emotions and functionality. The event is an excellent opportunity for interior designers to explore how architectural concepts can translate into home inspiration, especially in styles like art deco, bauhaus, and mid-century modern. Additionally, the integration of music adds a layer of sensory experience that emphasizes the ambiance and mood, crucial elements in interior design.

Event Details

Date and Time

May 2nd, doors open at the Hall About - Auditorium. Remember, spaces are limited, so prompt arrival is recommended.


Entrance is free, but pre-registration is required. Interior designers and all attendees are strongly encouraged to pre-purchase their tickets online to guarantee entry. This not only ensures a spot but also provides a smoother entry experience, allowing more time to network and settle in before the event begins.

Location and Access

The event will be held at the prestigious Paris Cité de l'Architecture. For those unfamiliar with the area, it's accessible via multiple lines of public transportation, ensuring easy access for all attendees. Details on the best routes and parking options can be found on the venue’s website.

Don't Miss Out!

With the event just around the corner, now is the time to get organized. The blend of architectural insight and musical artistry is a rare treat that promises to enrich your understanding and appreciation of space and design. Whether you seek lighting, decoration, or wall art inspiration, this evening will leave you inspired and eager to bring new ideas into your own projects.