2023: The Best Interior Designs from Australia

2023: The Best Interior Designs from Australia

Australia's interior design landscape, always a harmonious blend of global influences and indigenous inspirations, has once again offered a fresh palette of styles and ideas for 2023. Let's embark on a more comprehensive journey into these captivating trends.

1. Embrace of Bold Colours

Evolution of the Palette:

Over the years, the Australian design scene has witnessed a pendulum swing in colour preferences. While past years leaned towards muted shades, 2023 is all about vibrant and audacious choices. Think emerald greens that echo the lush landscapes, burnt oranges reminiscent of sunsets, and deep navies evoking the vast Australian coastline.


These colours are incredibly versatile. While a burnt orange might dominate a feature wall, emerald green could be the choice for plush upholstery. Deep navy might find its place in kitchen cabinetry or even bathroom tiles. To ensure these colours don't overwhelm, they're often paired with neutral backdrops, allowing them to shine without overpowering the space.

2. A Nod to Nature: Natural Elements

Timeless and Trendy:

Australia's affinity for natural elements isn't a passing trend. Given the country's abundant natural beauty, it's no surprise that materials like timber, stone, and leather have found consistent favour. Their textured appeal adds depth and character to interiors.


Timber beams, leather couches, stone countertops, and indoor plants are just a few ways these elements are incorporated. With urban dwellings seeking a touch of the outdoors, these elements ensure a seamless blend between nature and man-made spaces.

3. The Soft Appeal of Curved Shapes

Breaking the Mold:

After years of straight lines and boxy designs, curves are making a refreshing statement. The inclination towards softer, more fluid forms introduces a gentle, more human-centric approach to design.


From oval coffee tables and arched doorways to curved-back chairs and pendant lights with sinuous forms, the trend is evident in various elements of interiors. These curves offer visual relief and can make spaces feel more inclusive and embracing.

4. The Grandmillennial Style Renaissance

Vintage with a Twist:

The charm of yesteryears comes alive with the Grandmillennial style. What sets 2023 apart is the modern interpretation of this vintage style, blending the old-world charm with contemporary aesthetics.


Think traditional floral wallpapers paired with modern furniture, or antique mirrors complemented by contemporary lighting fixtures. It's all about mixing and matching to create a space that feels both nostalgic and current.

5. Japandi: Where East Meets North

Zen and Functional:

A beautiful confluence of Japanese aesthetic principles and Scandinavian functionalism, Japandi speaks of understated elegance and purposeful design.


Minimal furniture with clean lines, tatami mats paired with Scandinavian wood finishes, and a muted colour palette dominated by earthy tones. Spaces designed in Japandi style exude tranquility, making homes feel like serene sanctuaries.

6. The Glamour of Art Deco

Opulence Redefined:

Art Deco, with its roots in the Roaring Twenties, brings a touch of glamour and sophistication. Its return to the modern scene showcases a renewed appreciation for ornate details and bold statements.


Geometric patterns on walls, luxurious velvet furnishings, gold or brass accents in lighting and decor, and mirrored surfaces – all these elements can infuse a space with the elegance of Art Deco.

7. A Commitment to Sustainability

Eco-Conscious Choices:

As environmental concerns amplify, the design world isn't untouched. Sustainable designs reflect not just a trend, but a deeper commitment to the planet.


Reclaimed wood furniture, decor made from recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting, and appliances — every element can be chosen with a conscious effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

In summary, the Australian interior design scene of 2023 is a vibrant tapestry of colours, forms, and philosophies. Each trend, while distinct, contributes to creating homes that are both personal sanctuaries and expressions of broader cultural shifts. As these trends continue to evolve, they promise to shape an exciting future for Australian interiors.

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