A Design Lover's Dream Stay: The Hoxton, Brussels Review

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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Nestled within the architectural marvel of a Brutalist-style tower and the former European headquarters of IBM, The Hoxton, Brussels, emerges as a distinctive beacon of hospitality and style. With 198 rooms that range from cozy to spacious, the hotel exudes a 70s interior vibe, blending sleek wooden furniture with brightly colored velvet sofas, striped headboards, and rugs in graphic patterns.

Beyond the stylish accommodations, The Hoxton offers a vibrant culinary scene. From the rooftop bar, Tope, serving Mexican-inspired flavors against the backdrop of stunning Brussels views, to Cantina Valentina, a modern twist on traditional Peruvian located downstairs, every meal is an adventure. The hotel's unique location within the Botanical gardens and proximity to Brussels' historical city center make it an ideal base for exploring.

Cultural venues, local gems, and major museums are just a walk away, ensuring a truly immersive experience in the heart of the city.Tobias, with his keen eye for design and love for unique experiences, found The Hoxton, Brussels, not just a place to stay but a source of inspiration.

The blend of historical architecture with modern design, alongside the eclectic dining options, resonated deeply with his passion for interior design and culinary exploration. It was the perfect backdrop for a design influencer like him, offering endless content opportunities and a chance to engage with a like-minded community.

His time at The Hoxton, Brussels, was more than a visit; it was a journey through the rich design, culture, and gastronomy that left him enamored and eager to return.

For more details, visit The Hoxton, Brussels website: https://thehoxton.com/brussels/