Bridging Worlds: Outi Pieski's Lyrical Landscapes at Tate St Ives

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Bridging Worlds: Outi Pieski's Lyrical Landscapes at Tate St Ives

This spring, Tate St Ives is proud to host the first significant UK exhibition of Outi Pieski, a visionary Sámi artist whose work intertwines the essence of land with the soul of its people. Known for her evocative landscapes and profound installations, Pieski’s artistry navigates the realms of environmental spirituality, Indigenous rights, and the ancestral dialogues embedded within the Sápmi region.

A Canvas of Connection

During her residency at Porthmeor Studios in January 2024, Pieski will create a new installation specifically for Tate St Ives, adding a contemporary chapter to her ongoing exploration of land as a living, breathing entity. This exhibition promises to present an immersive journey through Pieski’s figurative landscapes, photography, and prints, alongside her innovative sculptural works.

Landscapes of Memory and Movement

The rugged beauty of Ohcejohka (Utsjoki), where Pieski resides and draws her inspiration, will be vividly brought to life through her acrylic paintings. Works such as Rástegáisa lágalaš riektesubjeaktan II and Deatnu, máttožan not only capture the transient beauty of Sápmi’s landscapes but also delve into the sacred relationships between the Sámi people and their ancestral territories.

Threads of Tradition

Pieski’s large-scale textile installations, inspired by the Sámi tradition of ‘duodji’, challenge the conventional boundaries between art and craft. The vibrant tassels of Beavvit-Rising Together II and the monumental Guržot ja guovssat/Spell on You! reflect a collaborative spirit and a commitment to ‘rematriation’, the act of reclaiming ancestral remains, knowledge, and crafts.

Voices from the Past

In collaboration with Finnish archaeologist Eeva-Kristiina Nylander, Pieski’s project Máttaráhku ládjogahpir confronts the historical erasure of Sámi traditions. Through artworks that reimagine the ládjogahpir headdresses, Pieski and Nylander initiate a dialogue on the resilience of Indigenous culture in the face of colonial and religious suppression.

Experience the Fusion of Art and Activism

Outi Pieski’s exhibition at Tate St Ives is not just an artistic showcase but a profound statement on the interconnectedness of humans and their habitats, the preservation of Indigenous cultures, and the power of art as activism. From Saturday, 23rd March to Sunday, 30th June 2024, step into a world where every brushstroke and thread weaves a story of resilience, beauty, and belonging.