History of a brand: Iittala's interior décor

History of a brand: Iittala's interior décor

Timeless Design and Exceptional Craftsmanship

Iittala, a Finnish powerhouse in interior décor, boasts an impressive legacy that has significantly influenced design aesthetics globally. Founded in 1881, the Iittala brand is celebrated for its timeless design and unparalleled craftsmanship, a reputation it has nurtured for over a century.

The Formative Years

From Function to Artistry

The Iittala narrative began with the establishment of a glass factory in the quaint village of Iittala, Finland. Initially focused on practical items like bottles and window panes, it was in the 1920s that Iittala pivoted to creating exquisite glassware that would later define home elegance. This transformation marked the beginning of Iittala’s journey from utility to artistry in glassmaking.

Collaboration with Visionaries

The Icons of Finnish Design

Iittala’s ascent to design prominence is closely tied to strategic partnerships with visionary designers. The 1930s saw Iittala join forces with the legendary Alvar Aalto, whose Aalto Vase, also known as the Savoy Vase, would become an emblem of Finnish design excellence and a cornerstone of Iittala’s design identity. More about Alvar Aalto and his work can be found at Alvar Aalto Foundation.

The brand sustained its momentum by collaborating with other maestros like Kaj Franck and Tapio Wirkkala in the ensuing decades, birthing timeless pieces like Franck’s Teema tableware and Wirkkala’s Ultima Thule glass series.

Pioneering Techniques and Environmental Stewardship

The Iittala Ethos

A trailblazer in glassmaking, Iittala has been synonymous with innovative techniques such as the acclaimed Iittala Glassblowing Technique, facilitating the creation of distinctive, artisanal glass objects. Their progressive approach extends to their commitment to sustainability, prioritizing eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. Iittala's philosophy is to craft enduring designs that transcend the cycle of disposable consumption. More information on their sustainability practices can be found on their official website, Iittala's Sustainability Approach.

A Legacy That Transcends Borders

Iittala’s Global Influence

Iittala’s creations grace not just homes but also prestigious museums and exhibitions worldwide, a testament to the brand’s expansive reach and the universal appeal of its design philosophy. Their legacy is a narrative of unwavering dedication to quality and an ethos that seamlessly blends functionality with beauty.

The Enduring Impact of Iittala

Shaping the Aesthetic of Modern Living

As Iittala marches forward, it continues to influence the world of interior décor profoundly. The brand's iconic products are not just in demand but are also revered as collector's items, and their impact on Finnish design is a story of inspiration and innovation.

With its storied history, dedication to advancing design, and commitment to sustainable practices, Iittala stands as a beacon in the world of interior décor, its legacy as luminous as the glassware that first put it on the map.

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Iittala has many beautiful designs. I have chosen some to decorate my home with and I really enjoy them.


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