Nauradika Luxury Pet Shop and the top 3 Online Luxury Pet Shops worldwide

Nauradika Luxury Pet Shop and the top 3 Online Luxury Pet Shops worldwide

Update!  THE PET SHOP IS BACK. Yes Nauradika decided to bring the pet shop by popular demand.  You can now enjoy our most loved products in the Luxury Pet Shop.  Enjoy your shopping experience!


You may know that Nauradika is a small start up and we have limited resources.  Soon after launch we realized we were very successful in selling quality curated homeware and very rapidly, momentum built up in the leadership team to replicate that success to other areas of the business. But what line of products should we launch next? Ideas around pets starting coming fast and steady.  Many of our employees either have pets or are pet lovers.  So it seemed natural to venture down that path.  Our marketing team also advised there were many opportunities in this area, so it did not take long before we started looking for the best suppliers in this area.  Of course, being Nauradika, we wanted curated products, we wanted products our customers would be proud of and keep for the long term.  And so the pet adventure began. We looked at every angle of the pet store business. Should we concentrate on selling sustainable pet accessories? Should we concentrate on delivering those pet accessories quickly?  Or should the delivery be slower but greener? Should we look into building packages of pet accessories? Should we concentrate on luxury pet accessories?  Here we paused and thought, since Nauradika already offers carbon offset on its deliveries, we have the green aspect of the business covered. Let’s see if there are such a thing as luxury pet supplies and accessories. And to our surprise it is a well developed part of the pet supplies industry! So we started scavenging the world, from our desktops of course to select the best suppliers and the best pet supplies. 

Our first item and potentially most successful item was this Luxury Cat Litter Box Semi Closed Design With Scoops.  Although we stopped selling it, we are adding the supplier’s link here as we think this is an amazing product and if you landed on this page because you were looking for this item we wanted you to have access to it.  

So we still have not answered the question of why Nauradika stopped selling pet supplies and accessories.  Well unfortunately, the logistics of delivering unusual and luxury pet supplies is complex, time consuming and fraught with delivery issues and delays. Boxes are usually bigger than what we were used to with the Homeware objects that made the store successful, they take longer to deliver, deliveries cost more, and offsetting the deliveries cost more.  So, you probably realized what happened here. We were too quick to enter this new line of business and very quickly had to do a u-turn unfortunately, and decided to stop selling luxury pet supplies and accessories.  It’s been such a great adventure that I would not be surprised to see us try again in the future!

In the meantime, we still receive a lot of shoppers through our old links to our products, so we thought it would only make sense to direct you to the best online pet supplies out there.  We have selected the best online pet shops in the countries where most of our customers come from.  We have customers visiting us from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, on a regular basis so we ran a survey in these countries to find out what other shops our shoppers were using and based on these votes we tested the shops ourselves.  This list below is a very curated list of what we think are the best online luxury pet shops in these 3 countries.  We know you will be as happy as you would have been with Nauradika when we supplied luxury pet supplies.  And of course remember Nauradika is still a unique place to find all your homeware.  We provide a curated collection of design led, practical and unique homeware.  We deliver to your home and we offset the carbon footprint of our deliveries by planting 5 trees with every order at no cost to our customers.  That’s how nice and green we are at Nauradika!

Best pet shops in the US:

Fable Pets definitely gets our vote in the US.  It is a luxury pet store with quality supplies that you cannot find elsewhere. We love how all their supplies come in subtle colors, the shapes are modern and sleek. They also feature these great start kits for new pet parents!  

Smalls is our other choice for the US, although we never sold pet food in our luxury pet shop, we find their products to be amazing and wanted to give them a little nudge here! It is vet approved healthy food you get sent directly to your home.  Your pets will love it!

Best pet shop in the UK:

The Stately Hound is our favorite luxury pet shop in the UK.  They started because of a desire to make quality leather leashes and collars and over time grew to offer a variety of pet accessories. They are based near London in a lovely coastal village and you can feel the relaxed yet very posh attitude of the village in their products! Have a browse, it is a very nice pet store!

Best pet shops in Germany:

Molly and Stitch:  In spite of their name, Molly and Stitch are coming from a German speaking country.  They are from Austria and offer the most beautiful and premium quality pet supplies.  You will love the colors, the shapes and the feeling that everything is handmade and of the highest quality.  They ship internationally although it is easier to order for delivery within the EU rather than outside.  And yes, we know, they are not technically German but they do deliver to Germany and are big there too!
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