New Designers 2024: A Showcase of Tomorrow's Design Talent

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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New Designers is an annual exhibition that serves as a melting pot of the UK's top graduate design talent. Scheduled over two weeks, from June 26-29 and July 3-6, 2024, at London's Business Design Centre, this event is pivotal for anyone involved in interior design, home decor, and modern interiors. With more than 3,000 graduates displaying innovations across various fields, including interior design, textile art, and ceramics, this showcase is a treasure trove of fresh ideas and emerging trends.

Explore the Future of Design

New Designers is more than just an exhibition; it's a dynamic platform aimed at professionals in the design industry. It offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Discover Innovative Talent – Preview the work of groundbreaking designers before they enter the wider market.
  • Network and Recruit – Connect with new graduates who are ready to bring fresh perspectives to your projects.
  • Gain Industry Insights – Engage in talks and workshops that address the most pressing topics in design today, including sustainability and social responsibility.

What to Expect at New Designers 2024

The exhibition breaks traditional boundaries between disciplines, offering a holistic view of the future of design. Attendees can expect to see a wide array of products and concepts including:

  • Furniture and Interior Finishes – From functional to high-art pieces, discover furniture that fits every style of interior decor.
  • Textiles and Ceramics – Explore materials and artworks that can transform any space, providing inspiration for home decor and interior designs.
  • Graphic Design and More – Witness the intersection of visual art and practical design through innovative graphic works.

Plan Your Visit

Dates: Week 1: June 26-29, 2024; Week 2: July 3-6, 2024

Location: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH, UK

Entry Fee: Tickets are available online and purchasing in advance is highly recommended to ensure access to all features and to facilitate networking opportunities.

Getting There: The venue is centrally located in London, easily accessible by public transport, making it convenient for all attendees.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

New Designers 2024 is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of design. Whether you're looking to inject new ideas into your projects, meet your next design partner, or simply soak in the creative atmosphere, this exhibition promises to be an inspiring experience. Mark your calendar and plan your visit early to make the most of this exciting design showcase.