The Rise of 'Grandmillennial' Style

The Rise of 'Grandmillennial' Style

Embracing the 'Grandmillennial' Style Movement

Amidst the familiar backdrop of Millennial-dominated Instagram, where trends from Monstera plants to fashion hashtags reign, a new breed of influencer has been quietly emerging. These grandmillennials, ranging from mid-20s to late-30s, have cast aside mainstream conventions to embrace a design aesthetic considered 'stuffy' or 'outdated' by contemporary standards—think Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, and embroidered linens. Unlike previous ironic hipster trends, their affinity for the past is timeless, less about irony and more about nostalgia. This is a generation that appreciates the traditional, drawing inspiration from design legends like Billy Baldwin and Nancy Lancaster, infusing fresh updates while respecting the enduring power of classic design.

Origins of the Grandmillennial

A grandmillennial is essentially a 'New Traditionalist,' according to Manhattan-based interior designer Ariel Okin. These individuals possess a deep reverence for the past, with an understanding that well-edited design withstands the test of time. Their spaces reflect influences from legendary designers like Albert Hadley and an ability to add modern twists that keep the design current and unique.

Escape from the Monotony

In a sea of uniform Instagram aesthetics, the grandmillennial movement offers a breath of fresh air. Nan Philip, a design blogger, expresses how an eclectic and layered approach to design enables self-expression, a way to convey personal history and travels beyond mere trendiness. The appeal lies in showcasing one's personality and memories through their living space, offering a deeper connection beyond what's merely en vogue.

A Return to Authenticity

Amy Berry, a Dallas-based designer, notes a growing trend of young clients seeking classic designs like chintz, treillage, and vibrant colors, deviating from the neutral and transitional styles that have dominated in recent years. Authenticity and individuality are at the core of this resurgence, with clients drawn to elements like botanical prints and exquisite patterns that have a timeless allure.

Social Media's Dual Role

While social media platforms can contribute to design monotony, they've also provided the fertile ground for grandmillennial aesthetics to flourish. The revival of seemingly old-school hobbies like needlepoint finds new enthusiasts through platforms like Instagram, giving rise to unique and therapeutic creative outlets.

The Nostalgia of Craft

The rise of Lycette Designs, a needlepoint venture founded by Jessica Chaney, underscores the renewed interest in hands-on craftsmanship. Young adults are drawn to the uniqueness and therapeutic value of needlepoint, allowing them to disconnect from technology and engage in a tangible creative process. This trend resonates beyond just millennials, finding traction even among older generations.

A Respite in Classic Comfort

The grandmillennial style strikes a chord with many young adults seeking solace in their surroundings. Its cozy, familiar elements, such as chintz chairs and traditional motifs, evoke a sense of 'home' and comfort. For a generation grappling with the challenges of the modern world, this nostalgic aesthetic provides a much-needed sanctuary—a reminder of simpler, more pleasant times.

Elevating Positivity and Comfort

In an era marked by negativity, the grandmillennial style champions positivity, comfort, and beauty. As Rudy Saunders, a designer in New York, aptly points out, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by pretty, happy, and comfortable things? In a world that often feels overwhelming, the grandmillennial style offers a refuge of charm and contentment that resonates with a diverse range of individuals.

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