The Top 5 Interior Design TV Shows to Stream

Written by: Jean-Charles Lacoste



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The world of interior design is brimming with creativity, innovation, and stunning transformations. For homeowners and design enthusiasts looking for inspiration, streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are delivering some of the best TV shows that dive deep into the realm of interior design. From intense competitions to breathtaking makeovers, these shows have it all. Here are the top 5 interior design TV shows you can stream right now:

1. Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr (Netflix)

"Interior Design Masters," which debuted in 2019, is a reality TV series that captures the intense competition among aspiring interior designers, each aiming to secure a transformative contract with a prestigious London hotel. Over the course of two seasons, rated PG for its content, the show presents a series of challenges where each contestant must transform various lackluster spaces into visually stunning areas. Hosted by the effervescent Alan Carr, alongside Fearne Cotton, the series not only highlights the creative process and technical prowess required in interior design but also adds a layer of excitement through its competitive format. Each episode features the designers tackling a new space, while also competing to impress a celebrity client with their unique vision and style. Alan Carr's trademark wit and Fearne Cotton's insightful commentary provide an engaging backdrop to the designers' efforts, making "Interior Design Masters" a compelling watch for anyone interested in design, as well as those who enjoy a spirited competition. This series is particularly appealing for its blend of professional creativity and personal drama, all set against the backdrop of high-stakes design challenges.

2. Dream Home Makeover (Netflix)

"Dream Home Makeover," a heartwarming reality TV series that began airing in 2020, brings the dreams of real families to life as they seek to create their ideal homes, each tailored to their unique styles and needs. The show stars the charismatic duo, Shea and Syd McGee of Studio McGee, who specialize in turning mundane spaces into spectacular sanctuaries. With a maturity rating of PG and spanning four seasons, the series delves deep into the art of home transformation. Each episode is a treasure trove of luxurious tips, clever design hacks, and boundless creativity, serving up substantial inspiration for viewers keen on refreshing their own living spaces. As the McGees tackle various projects, they not only reinvent homes but also reveal the profound impact thoughtful design can have on family life and wellbeing. This makes "Dream Home Makeover" not just entertaining viewing but also a source of motivation for anyone looking to enhance their home environment, making it the perfect binge-watch for design aficionados and novices alike.

3. Stay Here (Netflix)

"Stay Here," a reality TV series from 2018 with a maturity rating of 12, presents a captivating exploration of how to transform short-term rentals into profitable marvels. The show features designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer, who guide property owners through the intricate process of maximizing the appeal and income potential of their rental properties. Across one season, "Stay Here" invites viewers to travel the globe from the comfort of their living rooms, visiting various unique properties that each present their own set of challenges and opportunities. With each episode, the show offers a treasure trove of design enhancements and savvy marketing strategies, making it an invaluable resource for homeowners and Airbnb hosts alike who aspire to elevate their guest experiences and boost their rental success. This series is not just about the stunning transformations but also the strategic insights that can help any property owner turn a simple space into a standout retreat.

4. Amazing Interiors (Netflix)

"Amazing Interiors," a 2018 reality TV show with a maturity rating of 12, unveils the hidden wonders of seemingly ordinary homes, transforming everyday spaces into visual spectacles. This series, which spans one season, introduces viewers to a fascinating array of eccentric homeowners who have pushed the boundaries of traditional interior design. From a backyard roller coaster to an expansive indoor aquarium, each episode reveals houses that embody incredible creativity and unparalleled imagination. As the series progresses, viewers are taken on a tour of uniquely awe-inspiring homes, showcasing interiors that range from the quirky to the luxurious. "Amazing Interiors" challenges conventional design norms and proves that with enough creativity, any space can become extraordinary. The show is a treasure trove of inspiration for those looking to inject a sense of wonder and uniqueness into their own living spaces, demonstrating that when it comes to interior design, indeed, the sky is the limit.

5. Selling Sunset (Netflix)

"Selling Sunset," which premiered in 2019 on Netflix, is a reality TV series that delves into the glamorous and cutthroat world of luxury real estate in Los Angeles. Rated for audiences 15 and older, the show spans seven dramatic seasons, featuring the elite real estate agents of The Oppenheim Group as they sell high-end lifestyles to affluent buyers. While the show focuses on the dazzling properties and their spectacular features, it equally highlights the intense personal and professional dynamics among the agents. Relationships are pivotal in this high-stakes environment, where office drama often takes center stage. Viewers are given a front-row seat to the art of selling and presentation, as the agents showcase some of the most breathtaking properties in the city, from sprawling mansions to opulent condos, all while navigating their complex interpersonal relationships. "Selling Sunset" isn't just about property transactions; it's a captivating mix of luxury, design, and drama, making it a compelling watch for those interested in both real estate and the nuances of human interaction within a high-pressure business.

Honorable Mention: Ask This Old House on Amazon Prime provides a mix of humor and hands-on advice, making it a great watch for DIY enthusiasts.

Whether you're planning a home makeover or just enjoy the art of design, these shows are bound to inspire and entertain. Grab your remote and get streaming!