Banana Hanger: Everything you ever wanted to know about Banana Hangers AKA Banana Holders!

Banana Hanger: Everything you ever wanted to know about Banana Hangers AKA Banana Holders!


What is the purpose of a Banana Hanger? To keep things simple, a Banana Hanger's purpose is to let bananas ripen without bruising and keep bananas fresher for longer.  It will also help keep other fruit and vegetables that are in close proximity to your bananas (in a fruit bowl for instance), fresher for longer.  There is a scientific reason for this.  We will get to it in a minute. You can also buy a stylist banana holder that will add style to your kitchen and become a decoration accessory.  This is of course the least important reason why you should own a banana holder, or is it?


What is the best way to keep bananas fresh? You can try keeping them in a paper bag. You should then buy two at a time, and then put one of those bags into another bag that has holes cut out for air circulation. With that said, the best proven way to keep bananas fresh is to hang them from a Banana Hanger.


Why do bananas ripen so quickly? Bananas ripen quickly because they release a chemical called ethene.  It is the same reason why bananas make other fruits ripen really fast.  This is why you need to keep your bananas separate from other fruit and vegetables.  The best way to do that is to hang them as keeping them in a paper bag can actually lead to them ripening faster on their own.


Are there other names for Banana Hanger: There are indeed.  You sometimes hear Banana Racks, Banana Hooks or even Banana Holder but at the end of the day, they are all here to extend the shelf life of your bananas and other fruits and vegetables as it turns out. 


So the question remains, does a banana hanger make bananas last longer: The banana hanger will allow you to let your bananas ripen slowly without bruising.  However, remember that if the room you are storing the bananas in is too warm, the bananas will ripen faster.  So you are better off keeping them on a banana hanger in a cool room with low lighting. Once they ripen you should take them off the banana hanger and store them in the fruit and vegetables drawer of your refrigerator so they stop ripening. You will also want to stay away from banana hangers that double up as fruit bowls.  The proximity of fruits to the bananas and the ethene gas they release while they ripen mean your other fruit will ripen faster too, so we recommend only buying a banana hanger without a fruit bowl. 


What is the best material for Banana Hangers, wood or bamboo? The answer lies in the quality of the hanger!  In other words, it makes no difference whether the banana hanger is made of bamboo or wood, the only difference we have found is that sometimes bamboo banana hangers are a little more fragile. 

We hope you have found this article useful. If you want to find good looking, sturdy and stylish banana hangers, browse our Kitchen Accessories collection on Nauradika.  We have a few very good quality, design and very solid Banana Hangers at the best price possible.  And remember all our deliveries are carbon neutral and free of charge in most countries.

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