Elias Sime: Turning Technological Waste into Art at "Dichotomy ፊት አና ጀርባ jerba" at Spazio Tana

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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As the intersection of art and environmental consciousness continues to expand, Elias Sime's exhibition at Spazio Tana offers a captivating look at how discarded technology can be transformed into visually stunning artworks. Titled "Dichotomy ፊት አና ጀርባ jerba," this exhibition highlights the innovative spirit of the Ethiopian artist known for his unique use of electronic waste.

About the Exhibition

Organized by Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, "Dichotomy" showcases Sime's ability to repurpose materials such as computer parts, wiring, and smartphone bits into intricate, abstract compositions. This practice not only critiques the flow of technological waste from the West to the Global South but also elevates these materials into high art, challenging our perceptions of waste and reuse.

Featured Artworks

The exhibition includes some of Sime’s most impactful works, where what at first appear to be abstract paintings reveal themselves upon closer inspection to be detailed assemblages of recycled electronic components. This technique is brilliantly demonstrated in new sculptures and abstractions, including a standout piece created from stones, adding a tactile dimension to his typically tech-focused palette.

Visit Details

Spazio Tana, located at Fondamenta de la Tana, 2111, is just a short walk from the Giardini vaporetto stop, making it easily accessible for visitors. The gallery space itself, with its focus on modern interiors and contemporary design, provides the perfect backdrop for Sime's thought-provoking works.

Date & Admission

For information on visiting hours and entry fees, please refer to Spazio Tana's official website. Given the unique nature of the artworks and the limited duration of the exhibit, prospective visitors are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets to ensure they do not miss this exceptional display of creativity and sustainability in art.