Envisaging Continuity: The Dialogues of Alberto Giacometti and Ali Cherri

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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The "ENVISAGEMENT" exhibition, held from January 23 to March 24, 2024, at the Institut Giacometti in Paris, France, presents an intriguing dialogue between the artworks of Lebanese artist and video-maker Ali Cherri and those of Alberto Giacometti, a celebrated figure in modern art. This unique collaboration bridges the gap between contemporary visual art and the rich legacy of 20th-century sculpture and painting.

Alberto Giacometti, renowned for his slender, elongated sculptures, has always been fascinated by the human form, particularly the head, which he explored through an intense and relentless process of creation and recreation. His works are a testament to the perpetual quest for understanding and representing the essence of human existence and perception.

Ali Cherri, sharing Giacometti's fascination with the human head, adds a contemporary layer to this exploration. Through the concept of 'envisagement,' Cherri delves into the dual nature of envisioning and the representation of the face. This term encapsulates the act of imagining or foreseeing something, as well as evoking the literal image of the face. Cherri's new works, many of which were specially created for this exhibition, engage in a dialogue with Giacometti's pieces, offering fresh perspectives on the themes of visibility, identity, and representation.

The exhibition is a space where the past and the present meet, allowing viewers to experience the evolution of artistic exploration of the human form. By placing Giacometti's iconic sculptures, paintings, and drawings from the Fondation's collections alongside Cherri's new creations, the exhibition not only highlights the timeless nature of human representation in art but also introduces novel interpretations and methodologies.

"ENVISAGEMENT" is an invitation to reflect on the ways in which artists across generations have grappled with the portrayal of the human head, each bringing their unique insights and techniques to bear on this universal subject. It's an opportunity for art lovers to immerse themselves in the continuum of artistic endeavor and to witness the ongoing dialogue between tradition and innovation in the realm of visual arts.

For those interested in attending, tickets can be booked through the Fondation Giacometti's official website, ensuring access to this remarkable meeting of minds and mediums. This exhibition is not just a showcase of individual talents but a conversation across time, offering insights into the human condition as seen through the eyes of two distinct artists united by a common theme.