Immersive Art and Historical Interplay: "Janus" at Palazzo Diedo

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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Venice's art scene welcomes a thrilling new addition with the opening of Palazzo Diedo, curated by collector Nicolas Berggruen. This exhibition, named "Janus," is set to position Palazzo Diedo as a must-visit venue for both enthusiasts and interior designers keen on integrating elements of contemporary and historical art into modern interiors.

About the Exhibition

"Janus" showcases 11 original commissions by a mix of established and emerging artists, including Sterling Ruby, Lee Ufan, and the promising Rhea Dillon. These artists have created works that not only reflect their unique visions but also engage directly with the rich history of the palazzo—an 18th-century edifice that once belonged to an aristocratic family.

Featured Artworks

Among the notable pieces is a new sculpture by Rhea Dillon, which intriguingly incorporates a mahogany cross designed to leak water onto the palazzo's floor, symbolizing themes of renewal and decay. This kind of dynamic interaction with the venue's space makes "Janus" a source of inspiration for interior designers, especially those interested in the interplay between light, space, and texture in home decor.

Visit Details

Located at Fondamenta Diedo, 30121, near the S. Marcuola Casino vaporetto stop, Palazzo Diedo offers an accessible route for visitors. The exhibition invites those fascinated by the blend of art deco, bauhaus, and mid-century modern styles to explore how contemporary art can influence interior design and decoration.

Date & Admission

The specific dates and admission fees are available on Palazzo Diedo's official website. Interior designers and art lovers are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets to ensure a seamless visit.