Our selection of the top 10 Brutalist buildings around the world

Our selection of the top 10 Brutalist buildings around the world

Our selection of the top 10 Brutalist buildings around the world

There is something incredibly nostalgic about the Brutalist era.   We talk about this often in the office.  It would have been amazing to be around when all these building were being added to the urban landscape.  Most people to this day dislike these buildings.  If you needed proof of this, check this article about the ugliest buildings in London, most of them are brutalist buildings.  They are too imposing, rough, they look like they are not finished, they are not elegant... And yet, there is a very strong movement of Brutalist fanatics and we are amongst them at nauradika.com. So we thought we would share our list of favourite Brutalist Architecture around the world.  Do reach out if you think we missed important ones.  The list doesn't have to stop at 10 buildings!

1. Boston City Hall - One of the most iconic examples of brutalist architecture in the United States, Boston City Hall has been a controversial and much-loved building since it was completed in 1968.

2. The National Assembly Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh - Completed in 1982, this massive complex is one of the largest examples of brutalist architecture in the world.

3. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California - Designed by Louis Kahn and completed in 1965, the Salk Institute is considered one of the most significant examples of brutalist architecture.

4. Phillips Exeter Academy Library, Exeter, New Hampshire (1965–72), designed by Louis Kahn. - We know, this is a lot of Louis Kahn, but what can we say the guy was a genius...

5. Brutalist buildings: Park Hill, Sheffield by Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith. "The complex is made up of a series of interconnected blocks constructed using concrete frames, which were left exposed and infilled with yellow, orange and red brick.*"

6. The Lijnbaan underpass in Rotterdam, Netherlands - This dark and cavernous underpass was completed in 1971 and is a classic example of brutalist concrete architecture.

7. The high-rise flats at Balfron Tower in London, England - These controversial public housing flats were designed by Ernő Goldfinger and completed in 1967.

8. Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument, 1981 - (Shumen, Bulgaria) - Built-in 1981, Krum Damyanov and Ivan Slavov designed the memorial, commemorating the 1300 anniversary of the Bulgarian Empire.

9. Druzhba Holiday Center Hall, 1984 (Yalta, Ukraine). This space-age building overlooking the Black Sea, designed by famous Soviet architect Igor Vasilevsky, was built in 1986. 

10. Habitat 67, Montreal - One of the most iconic examples of skyscraper architecture, the John Hancock Center was completed in 1968 and features a unique concrete exterior lattice design.






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