Pinterest trends to help you design your interior

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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The interior design landscape is always on the move, and lately, thanks to social media giants like Pinterest, keeping up with the freshest trends has never been simpler. I've noticed an upswing in love for what's being dubbed the Hipstoric Home look – a chic fusion of old-school charm and contemporary flair.

On Pinterest, the clamor for eclectic interior designs, marrying vintage with modern, has soared by an astonishing 850%. This approach crafts a distinct, timeless ambiance that's as fashionable as it is enduring. Whether it's through mid-century modern pieces or classic antique lighting, the options for weaving vintage vibes into my space are boundless.

I'm also observing a surge in mixing antique with modern furniture, capturing interest by 530% on the platform. This method hinges on striking a harmony between sleek, contemporary items and nostalgic accents, bestowing upon my home a blend of character and a modern essence.

Repurposing antique windows, now 50% more popular, is another movement I'm drawn to. Utilized as either room dividers or artful wall pieces, they inject a sense of history and personality into my living space.

The allure of vintage maximalist decor, up by 350%, is unmistakable. It's about layering textures and elements to forge an inviting, opulent environment. From aged rugs to heirloom vases, the possibilities to enrich my maximalist setting with vintage items are immense.

And then there's the antique room aesthetic, witnessing a 325% spike in interest, centered around crafting spaces that whisper tales of yesteryears. Mixing and matching different eras of furniture to wallpaper, my goal is to conjure a setting that feels both inherited and elegantly timeless.

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