Exploring Conflict and Resilience: "Landworks, Collective Action and Sound" at Magazzino Gallery

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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The Magazzino Gallery in Venice presents a poignant exhibition titled "Landworks, Collective Action and Sound," featuring works that delve into the complex narratives of the West Bank and the resilience of its people. This exhibition, amid the backdrop of global discussions on the war in Gaza, offers a unique perspective on the struggles and endurance of the Palestinian people, providing profound insights for those interested in the intersection of art, activism, and interior design.

About the Exhibition

This critical exhibition, a collateral event of the Venice Biennale, has been put together by Artists and Allies of Hebron, co-founded by activist Issa Amro and photographer Adam Broomberg. They collaborated with Dar Jacir for Art and Research to bring together a diverse array of artworks by both Palestinian and non-Palestinian artists, focusing on issues surrounding the West Bank.

Featured Artworks

A standout piece in the exhibition is a series of photographs by Adam Broomberg and Rafael Gonzalez, capturing the centuries-old Palestinian olive trees, a symbol of persistence and connection to the land amidst ongoing conflicts. These images not only document the environmental impact of military actions but also symbolize the steadfast spirit of the Palestinian people. Such works offer rich inspiration for those looking to incorporate elements of history, resilience, and nature into their interior design projects, particularly in terms of decoration and wall art.

Visit Details

The exhibition is hosted at Sestiere Dorsoduro, 874, conveniently near the Accademia vaporetto stop. It provides a compelling opportunity for visitors to engage with themes of collective action and the soundscapes of resistance, offering a profound narrative layer to contemporary and modern interiors.

Date & Admission

Details on the exhibition schedule and ticket pricing can be accessed through Magazzino Gallery's official website. Pre-purchasing tickets is recommended to ensure participation in this significant cultural and artistic event.