"Re-Stor(y)ing Oceania": A Dive into Indigenous Perspectives at Ocean Space

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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Venice's Ocean Space continues to spotlight the urgent themes surrounding our aquatic environments, this time through the lenses of Indigenous artistry and activism. "Re-Stor(y)ing Oceania," curated by Taloi Havini, showcases installations by Latai Taumoepeau and Elisapeta Hinemoa Heta, offering profound insights into Indigenous knowledge and resistance strategies, enriching the palette of any interior designer interested in sustainability and culturally-inspired decor.

About the Exhibition

This exhibition focuses on two prominent Indigenous artists from the Pacific who use their art to address the politics of oceanic conservation and cultural heritage. Their work promotes a deeper understanding of how traditional knowledge can inform contemporary environmental and social practices—a vital inspiration for creating more mindful and globally aware interior spaces.

Featured Artworks

Latai Taumoepeau presents "Deep Communion sung in minor (archipelaGO, THIS IS NOT A DRILL)," a choral piece protesting against deep-sea mining, complemented by performances from local athletes. Elisapeta Hinemoa Heta offers "The Body of Wainuiātea," which uses music to foster a spiritual and communal connection with the ocean. Both installations not only challenge viewers to reconsider their relationship with nature but also provide a rich source of inspiration for integrating natural elements and cultural narratives into home decor and contemporary interiors.

Visit Details

Located at Campo S. Lorenzo, 5069, near the Ospedale vaporetto stop, Ocean Space is easily accessible for those intrigued by innovative uses of space and light in artistic presentations. These installations offer refreshing perspectives for interior designers looking to incorporate elements of light, fluidity, and organic materials into modern and retro interior designs.

Date & Admission

Details on viewing times and ticket prices can be found on the Ocean Space official website. Visitors are advised to pre-purchase tickets to ensure access to this compelling exhibition.