Rediscovering Design Through the Human Face: Alessandro Mendini's VISI Exhibition

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Rediscovering Design Through the Human Face: Alessandro Mendini's VISI Exhibition

From March 19 to June 16, 2024, the Manica Lunga Library at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice becomes a portal to the visionary mind of Alessandro Mendini, one of Italy's most revered designers. The exhibition titled VISI, meaning 'Faces,' focuses on how the human face has inspired and propelled design innovations.

A Unique Exploration of Form and Function

The exhibit features an intimate collection of thirteen objects and six drawings, encapsulating Mendini's exploration from 1987 through 2018. These pieces are not just artworks but are studies in the interaction between human form and functional design, showing how facial expressions can influence and animate the inanimate.

Collaborative Insights

Curated by Aldo Colonetti in collaboration with the Archivio Alessandro Mendini and Codiceicona, this exhibition serves as a prelude to a major retrospective set to open at the Milan Triennale on April 13. This staging at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini offers a focused tribute to Mendini's lifelong fascination with the human body as a fundamental element of design.

Plan Your Visit

The VISI exhibition promises to be a destination for those intrigued by the blend of human aesthetics and practical design. Access to this unique display is available upon reservation through the Fondazione's website at Whether you're a design professional, student, or enthusiast, this exhibition offers a unique perspective on the power of design as influenced by the most expressive part of the human body—the face.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness a rare insight into Mendini's creative genius, where each piece tells a story of design evolution influenced by our very own expressions.