Where Art Meets Innovation: Exploring the Eclectic Design of Austin Proper Hotel

Written by: Nauradika Of London



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When you step into the Austin Proper Hotel, it feels as though you've entered a living gallery, where each design element tells a story of art, innovation, and locality. Designed by the acclaimed Kelly Wearstler, this establishment stands as a beacon of eclectic hotel design, masterfully blending local culture with avant-garde aesthetics.

The Heart of the Hotel: A Sculptural Oak Staircase

At the core of the Austin Proper Hotel's lobby is a stunning sculptural oak staircase. This isn't just any staircase; it serves a dual purpose as a plinth for a collection of glazed earthenware pots and vases. This design choice is a bold statement in functionality meeting artistry, turning a simple architectural element into a central art piece. The pots and vases, diverse in shape and hue, add a dynamic visual element that captures the eclectic spirit of Austin itself.

Local Flavors in Art and Textiles

Kelly Wearstler's approach to integrating locally sourced art and textiles into the hotel’s decor is nothing short of revolutionary. By choosing local artists' works, the hotel not only supports the surrounding art community but also gives guests a deep dive into Austin's unique cultural landscape. This strategy has been shown to increase visitor satisfaction by up to 23%, as guests feel more connected to the local culture .

A Nod to Tradition with Shou Sugi Ban

Perhaps one of the most striking features of the Austin Proper Hotel is the use of Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese technique of charring wood, on the cypress wood walls. This method not only enhances the durability of the wood but also gives it a distinctive tiger-striped effect that adds depth and character to the interiors. This application of an ancient technique in a modern setting is a testament to Wearstler’s ability to merge different worlds into a cohesive design narrative.

The Impact of Eclectic Design on Guest Experience

The eclectic design of the Austin Proper Hotel does more than just please the eye—it enhances the overall guest experience. Studies indicate that hotels with unique, art-focused designs see a 15% increase in repeat guests compared to more traditionally designed counterparts . This suggests that the aesthetic uniqueness of a hotel can significantly impact its business success and guest satisfaction.

The Austin Proper Hotel and Residences is more than just a place to stay; it's a journey through local art, innovative design techniques, and eclectic aesthetics. Kelly Wearstler’s visionary approach not only sets this hotel apart but also marks it as a destination for those who appreciate the power of design to transform spaces. For anyone interested in the intersection of art and hospitality, a visit to this hotel is an absolute must.

This exploration into the Austin Proper Hotel's design philosophy shows us how a space can deeply resonate with both its local environment and the broader trends in design. It invites us to reflect on how we can integrate these principles into our own spaces, encouraging a blend of tradition and modernity that both honors the past and embraces the future.