Shipping Protection

Ship-Safely: Your Peace of Mind at Checkout

Please note we are currently offering a 100% discount on Ship-Safely insurance coverage. This means your order will be covered with shipping protection at no cost to you.  Please do not opt out of the policy during the check out process if you want to take advantage of this offer.

To offer you a seamless and secure shopping experience, we're now providing an option to add affordable Shipping Protection at checkout through Ship-Safely. This partnership empowers you to safeguard your purchases from shipping mishaps with just a click.

Why Opt-In?

  • Affordable Protection: For a minimal added cost, you can insure your package against, lose, damage or theft. This small step can save you significant hassle and uncertainty.
  • Easy Claims Process: If your shipment encounters any issues, simply contact Ship-Safely to  fill out a claim. Provide some basic evidence (like photos of damage, tracking info, or a police report for missing items), and you could have a replacement order on its way within 48 hours of approval.

Though opting for Ship-Safely's Shipping Protection is optional, we strongly recommend it. It's a small price for the peace of mind and convenience it offers, ensuring that your excitement over your new purchase isn't overshadowed by delivery worries.

In an era where delivery issues are on the rise, partnering with Ship-Safely represents our commitment to your satisfaction and confidence in shopping with us. Together, we're making online shopping safer, more reliable, and ultimately, more enjoyable for you.